Little Red Riding Hood & the 3 Funky Pigs 

Little Red Riding Hood & the 3 Funky Pigs POSTER NEW.jpg
Little Red Riding Hood & the 3 Funky Pigs POSTER NEW.jpg

Join Little Red & her Karate Granny on their adventures with the 3 Funky Little Pigs, but watch out for that cantankerous Mr Wolf who is always on the lookout for his next meal!


A modern twist on two classic fairytales packed with songs and fun for all the family.

Dracula's Dodgy Dinner

Dracula promo image v2.png
Dracula promo image v2.png

Join Dave the Vampire on a family friendly Halloween journey to grow his fangs and become big and scary like his Dad, Dracula!


Meet an Egyptian Mummy, a Smartphone Zombie and a teenage Werewolf who end up at Raven Mansion … where there is a rather persistent tap, tap, tapping from behind the walls.


A scary (but fun) Halloween show for kids and adults of all ages with original songs, super scares and a voyage of discovery for our hero Dave!


Dare you come and find out what goes bump in the night!

Gingerbread Man & the 3 Bears


Join the Gingerbread Man on his wacky adventure to avoid becoming a tasty snack.  Can he outrun Eric the Pig, a Chicken with ideas above his station and a thespian Fox?


But watch out for those very naughty bears who’d rather start a bit of bovver than have a nice bowl of porridge!


“Enormous fun … what a great show!  Book your ticket now for this 5 star slice of family theatre”. London Theatre Review


Come and join an enormously talented cast who all play multiple roles in this funky new take on two stories packed with original songs.